After making a few bowls, I thought it was time for something else.

I made this little pot from a piece of Tanga Tanga. I cut a piece of Tanga Tanga from a larger piece I had on the band saw. Then I mounted it on the lathe, turned it down to round, and prepped both ends ready to be mounted in the four-piece chuck. Then I cut the piece into two pieces about one third down from the top.

First, I mounted the base in the chuck and turned the recess for the lid, using a pair of callipers to check the recess's width against the 42mm Forstner drill bit I would use to drill the recess in the lid. Once that was done, I drilled down into the pot with a 35mm Forstner drill bit.

I then mounted the lid on the lathe and drilled the 42mm hole to fit around the base's lid recess. I checked the base on the lid to make sure I had a very tight fit - I wanted a very tight fit, so once sanded down a bit, it'd then have a good snug fit. Once I was happy with the fit, I drilled down a little bit further into the lid with a 35mm Forstner drill bit - the same width as in the pot's base.

I then remounted the base, put the lid on and used the tailstock - see picture. I then finished the outside of the piece tidying up. I was initially planning to have the lid go straight to the top, but once it was on the lathe, I had this idea of having a little handle on the top - which I think came out quite nicely.

Overall I'm pleased with the way it's come out. I like the colour of Tanga Tanga and the pattern of its grain. I've got a larger piece of pear which I'm planning on making something similar with - so this little project was a nice warmup for that. It was quite a bit easier to make than the bowls I've been turning recently.