Another bowl.

I'm still waiting for the tool I need to come back into stock before finishing the little pot I've started, and as I had a spare couple of hours, I thought I'd try another bowl. I was planning on doing a larger Ash bowl, but when I went to get that piece of Ash, I saw this small piece of Tanga Tanga and decided to have another practice on a small bowl.

I mostly followed the same process that I used to make the pear bowl and the ash bowl. For this one, I tried a concave shape for the outside of the bowl.

Making this one went a lot smoother - I didn't get any catches while making it. I think this is due to three things. I have got my bench grinder nicely setup now with Axminsiter's Wood Turning Sharpening System - and I've got better at sharpening the tools - and sharp tools make things much easier. I'll write a review of Axminister's jig soon. Secondly, this youtube video helped me think about why I was getting catches. And thirdly - more practice and more confidence using the tools.

There are a couple of knotholes in this piece. I considered filling them either with the black embellishing wax or with some coloured resin - but I decided to keep them natural.

I'm delighted with the way this one came out. The shape of the bowl is much more pleasing to the eye than my two previous bowls. The overall bowl is also more elegant - mostly thanks to the striking patterns of the wood.

I've still got that larger piece of Ash to turn a bowl out of and a larger piece of Tanga Tanga - but I also have a couple of smaller pieces of wood - and given that I'm getting better with each bowl I turn, I might have a couple more practice runs on the smaller pieces first.