Yet another bowl. Another Ash bowl.

The turning of this bowl went quite smoothly. I like the bowl's shape, and it has more of a delicate feeling than my previous attempts.

I'm not satisfied with the finish on the outside of the bowl. I tried the blue wood dye again with the white embellishing waste, which I had tried previously on the ash light pull - I was hoping for a better result on my second attempt. However, I didn't manage to get an even coat with the dye. And the white embellishing paste didn't work any better if I applied it after I had added the colouring.

On the bright side, I think the black embellishing wax inside the bowl came out quite nicely. I'm confident if I improve the outside, there will be a pleasant contrast between the inside and outside of the bowl.

I have a few ideas of things I could try to get the finish right. However, I still need to do some more research, though. I'll do my next trial on a little piece of ash rather than a bowl I've turned! Once I've worked it out, I'll put this bowl back on the lathe, knock the outside back and try again with the finish.

Whilst I'm thinking about getting this finish right, I'm going to try turning a larger Ash bowl for my next turning project. I'm going to aim for a shape similar to this bowl.