One of the first bowls I turned was a small Blue Ash Bowl - I used a blue dye with a white embellishing paste on the outside. I wasn't satisfied with the result and planned on revisiting it.

I finally got around to revisiting it.

I mounted it on the lathe and sanded back the dye from the first attempt to finish it. I then dyed it midnight blue on the straight grain and a lighter blue (stone blue) on the circular grain pattern. I sanded this down a bit, leaving the dye in the open drain. I then put some of the stone blue on the straight gain area and some white dye on the circular grain area. This left a subtle highlight of the midnight blue against the stone blue in the straight grain area and a more striking contrast in the circular grain area.

I then finished the piece with a couple of coats of sanding sealer, a few coats of spray lacquer polished with some polishing grit paste.

I left the inside of the bowl as it was.