This is a little needle holder, turned out of a piece of Ash. The beads are plastic. I designed them in Tinkercad, and printed them on an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro 3d printer. The larger bead is there to help hold the pot lid in place.

To turn this, I first cut a piece of Ash to an appropriate size and mounted it on the lathe between centres. I then turned it round and prepared it to be mounted in the chuck. Once mounted in the chuck, I gave it its shape, cut the recess for the lid, and cut the top off the rest of the piece. I cut this off using a parting tool - I made a slight mistake here - I got a little tear-out when parting - and you can see this in the final piece.

I then drilled into the main body of the needle holder, a hole deep enough to store needles but narrower than the lid's recess. Next, I slowly widened the opening in the body section until the lid fits snuggly, using a gouge and then some sandpaper. I then put the top on the body, holding it in place with the tailstock, and tweaked the shape.

Next, I drilled the holes with a battery drill - this was a mistake - I didn't manage to drill the holes straight, and they are a little off centre. Also, drilling the holes after finishing shaping and sanding was a mistake - there is a minor tear-out from the drilling.

Making the bead was simpler. I designed the bead in Tinkercad, exported it as an obj file, imported that into and created a print plan in Chitubox, and printed it.

I used black waxed 2mm cotton cord to connect the beads to the rest of the needle holder.