I took a brief pause from the bowl turning to make a little light pull.

I decided to do this little project because I have an ugly plastic light pull in my house, I had an offcut of Ash that was the right size, and I had some white embellishing wax and some intrinsic wood dye that I wanted to try on a little piece of work.

The turning of this piece was quite simple. I put the blank between two centers, rounded it off, and then put it in my chuck. Once the wood was secure in the chuck, I drilled as far as possible with a small drill piece and then a shallower hole with a larger drill piece. I then finished shaping the work.

For finishing, I cleaned the piece with meth spirit and applied some sanding sealer.

Then it went a bit wrong.

I first added the white embellishing wax. Then I applied some of the intrinsic wood dye with a rag. The white embellishing wax took on some of the wood stain dye - in hindsight, I think I would have been better applying the stain first and then adding the embellishing wax. Also, I didn't use enough of the dye on the first coat - so I had to add a second coat.

All in all, I'm not completely satisfied with the way this some came out. But it was a little trial run of using the embellishing wax with the wood stain - so it served its purpose. Luckily I have another little offcut of Ash, so I'll have another go at the same little project - and for a bit of a challenge, I can try to match the shape of this one as best as I can.