Spitalfields is an indoor food market, in east london.

There is a range of approx 30 different eaterareis there, and I'm going to work through all of them in the next few months.

Place Location Quality Quantity Cost Overall
Cafe Caribran Inside 3.5 4 £ 4
Real Greek Inside 3.5 3.5 £ 4
Duck Truck Outside 4 4 ££ 4
Pipel Inside 3.5 4 £ 4
Monty's Deli Inside 4 3.5 ££ 4
The Pleasant Lady Inside 4 3.5 £ 3.5
Shrimpy Inside 4 3.5 £ 3.5
Ricebrother Inside 3 3.5 £ 3
Ebby's Kitchen Outside 3 3.5 ££ 3
Leon Inside 2.5 2.5 ££ 2.5 (4.5)
Nann Wraps Inside 4 2 ££ 2.5

Cost is based on what I spent when I went, cheaper or more expensive options might exist. £ - less than ten pounds, ££ around ten pounds, £££ more than ten pounds.

I'll post some more detailed reviews for some of the establishments.

Cafe Caribran


There is always a queue here - this is always a very good sign in this area of london. I let the length of the queue put me off for some time, and that was a mistake - the food is great, with good size portions, efficient service and at a good price. I now go quite regularly. Although I might be slightly biased here - I'm a big lover of Caribian food.

Duck Truck


Duck. Tasty tasty Duck. And delicious delicious chips. So good.

Real Greek


There is always a queue here - don't be put off it goes quickly.

Monty's Deli


I had an amazing bagel, with Pastrami. Quite alot of Pastrami. Delious Pastrami. I'll be heading back to try their Reuben.



What really drew me to this place was the sign telling me to 'Shrimp up my life'. The chips were excellant, could have done with a couple more shrimp in there though.



Some nice rice, some pork belly, salad and some saucy. Their signiture dish is a wrap.

The Pleasant Lady



Ebby's Kitchen


A turkish style wrap. I love turkish food. But this was a bit meh.



I do really like Leon. As a general rating, I'd give it a 4.5 for positvitely disrupting the UK fast food industry, giving a new fresh and healther option at a similar price. If I saw one in a service station that is where I'd go. BUT - it doesn't compare well to many of the other places at spitalfields - the chicken balls I had just weren't that tasty. Besides why go to a chain in a food market?