Again for this one, I wanted to try something a bit different - and I'm happy that this one is quite a bit different from the other Owls I've done.

I used Affinity Designer's designer persona for the lines and the pixel persona for the colour. I picked up a couple of new bits in affinity whilst working on this one - I hadn't used the pressure option on the stroke width before - this allows you to vary the thickness of a line - which was just what I wanted for this one.

I spent quite a while choosing between either a black or white background, toggling on and off different layers - in the end, I went with the white - but the version with the black background looked just as good.

I'm not completely satisfied with the finished piece here - I might try improving it - or I might try to do a couple more in this sort of style. Although I still have a completely different idea - so we'll see what happens.