I was delighted with how the last line shaded owl came out, so I decided to do something very similar.

Again this one was done with Affinity Designer, with its pixel persona. I took a photo, sketched the owl's outline, then moved onto the inner black lines. Then did the shading. I did the plants last. I used the same colours as in the previous line, shaded owl.

I found this one a lot harder to do for some reason - it took me a lot longer to complete - and I had to keep come back to it. I'm not fond of it as much as the previous owl I did in the same style.

Perhaps I found this one more difficult because I was trying to follow the same process I followed with the previous picture - and maybe I need to approach this one in a slightly different way.

I am taking a couple more lessons from doing this piece.

Firstly, I will be a bit more selective with the image I choose to start with - I don't think the photo I choose lends itself to this style as easily as the last picture.

Secondly, I will be more organized with the layers and make more effort to name the layers well. The body shading layers on this are quite messy, making it hard to touch up to finish it.