I started this drawing by re-sketching one of the characters in the montage that I did a couple of months ago, adding a bit more detail to him. One I had a sketch I liked I copied that over to some Bristol paper with a pencil. Once I had that right I drew over the lines with a fineliner and rubbed out the pencil line. I then coloured in the picture, and touched up some of the line.

I think I'm mostly happy with the way it came out.

With most of the blending I've done with the pens I've use two different shades and blended them together. As I only have 1 turquoise colour I tried blending that with with a couple of the grey markers I have. I this this worked quite well, and is probably something I'll be doing more of.

There are a couple of things that I could improve on this one - the large area of pink in his chest area doesn't look quite right to me, and I'm not happy with blending on the pink.