In July I really got back into the habit of using Duolingo most days, as of the 31st of July I have a 26 day Duolingo streak. I also had done some practice in the first few days of the month, but then lost the streak in the first weekend of the month.

I've changed my approach a little bit in the last few days. Duolingo has a series of courses, and at the end of a bunch of lessons is a checkpoint. Each course has 5 levels. I've done most of the lessons up to checkpoint 2, but I've only done two or three levels of most of those courses. I really started to struggle on the course 'People 3' so I've gone back to the beginning, and I'm working on completing all levels on all the courses up to checkpoint 1 before continuing any further

I still need to find something to supplement it with - I'll have a look for something in August.