This was my first attempt at turning a wooden ring.

I turned this Ring out of Ash and Pear. I started with an offcut of Ash and drilled a 16mm hole into it. I then turned it down until the outside diameter was around 18mm. I had to be very careful turning this - at 2mm thick, the Ash would break apart quickly.

I then started on an offcut of Pear. I mounted the Pear on the lathe, and drilled an 18mm hole through this, and then sanded it down a bit until the Ash fitted very snuggly inside the piece of Pear.

I then glued the pieces together and remounted it on the lathe. I then shaped the outside of the Ring, sanded it down, and finished the Ring with some Turners Retreat Diamond Coat Pen Polish.

It mostly came out pretty well. But, sadly, I had a little tear-out on the Ash when I was parting the Ring from the rest of the wood - which you can see in the picture.

I'm planning to make a few more Rings like this - and I have a small piece of ebony - which I think will be perfect for the inside of the Ring.

After sanding, the inside diameter is around 16.3mm - which is a UK size L. The walls in total are approximately 2.5mm thick.